Our Services backup

Alongside our dedicated clinics, Phoenix Mental Health Services offer some additional services. These services may be recommended to you by your clinician as part of your treatment plan or you may wish to access them separately.

Cogmed Working Memory Training Program

An online program for people of all ages designed to improve working memory, making it easier for you to concentrate and remember things.

QbCheck ADHD Testing

An objective test that measures the core symptoms of ADHD. The results are used to assist our specialists in making an ADHD diagnosis or to measure the effectiveness of your current treatment plan.

Genetic Testing

A swab test designed to help your consultant optimise treatment decisions for you by identifying specific genetic markers that indicate which medications are likely to work, have no effect, or cause adverse effects.

Sleep Assessment

Patterns in your activity, sleep, rest and fatigue are measured over the course of two weeks using a highly sensitive actigraphic device worn on your wrist.

Specialist Dietary Dietary Advice

A bespoke support service aimed at assessing, diagnosing and treating dietary and nutritional health problems at an individual and wider public-health level.