Ujwala Sangam

My name is Ujwala Sangam

I am the founder and director of MedGene Precision Health Ltd. For over 15 years I have been working as a pharmacist providing clinical services within hospitals, GP surgeries, community pharmacies and across the pharmaceutical industry.

As a pharmacist adviser specialising in pharmacogenomics (PGx), my vision for MedGene Precision Health is to provide a holistic service that brings a personal touch to the healthcare industry. I believe it is time to change the mindset surrounding the medication of patients. It is time we educate people to realise that one medication does not work the same for everybody.

My desire is for patients to feel they are heard. For a long time, it fascinated and perplexed me as to why medications worked for some but not others. With pharmacogenomics, I can help patients make informed choices by finding the missing piece of the puzzle. Supporting patients struggling to manage their medical conditions, by giving them the time they need to understand their diagnosis and treatment options.

 By providing this revolutionary new service and liaising with patients' healthcare providers, to prescribe medications that will work for an individual. It is my mission to assist prescribers on the journey to precision health by applying pharmacogenomics

Interesting Fact:

I enjoy long walks listening to podcasts

Types of appointment:

Remote (Video call / Telephone) appointments

Face-to-Face appointments



9am - 5pm





This includes pain and mental health inclusive PGx Test and consultation

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