Genetic Testing

Phoenix Mental Health Services offers a genetic test called Myogenes. This test is designed to help your consultant optimise treatment decisions for you. It identifies specific genetic markers that indicate which medications are likely to work as intended, have no effect, or cause adverse effects.

We offer this to patients prior to assessments with our consultants so they see what medications may work best for you or alternatively why previous medications have not worked for you.

This genetic test is posted to you and is self-administered through a cheek swab. It analyses key genes, selected based on hundreds of studies showing that variations in these genes can inform treatment decisions. It takes a few weeks for the test to be analysed and for the results to come back. An appointment will then be booked with your consultant so they can discuss your results with you. Together with your consultant, you will create a treatment plan that, according to your test results, is likely to be effective.

The evidence has shown that as a result of this test patients have experienced better treatment responses and clinicians have noted increased patient compliance, as well as decreased healthcare costs.

If you want to know more about this genetic test, enquire below.

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