LGBTQ+ Clinic

Phoenix Mental Health Services offers a specialist clinic for the LGBTQ+ community. Our goal is to give the person confidence that they will be assessed with knowledge and understanding of your particular concerns.

Our LGBTQ+ clinic is very diverse, and we offer our services to any person that would like to access this specialist clinic. We understand that each individual is unique, and we aim to offer a service where everyone feels included, regardless of their personal circumstances and experiences.

Please see our flow chart below to see our approach.

Phoenix Mental Health Services
LGBTQ+ Clinic

In order to provide services and care to LGBTQ+ people in the most effective way, we have a specialist who understands how LGBTQ+ people’s identities, experiences, and relationships with the world around them might affect their health.

Our specialist, Dr Pavan Joshi, provides a supportive, inclusive, and respectful space for all clients needing mental health support.