Dr Martine Stoffels

My name is Martine Stoffels

GMC No: 6118073

I graduated from medical school in Belgium over 20 years ago and subsequently worked in Ireland and the UK.  I have been a consultant at Phoenix Mental Health Services since 2009.  In that time, I have developed some very unique services, which generally have not been available on the NHS.   

In my Acquired brain Injury clinic, I see people who have sustained brain damage and as a result, have developed neurobehavioural and neurocognitive needs, such as impulsivity, fatigue, changes in mood, anxiety, sleep difficulties or changes in memory and function.  Once you book an outpatient appointment, you can come and see me for an opinion on your presentation and your challenges  Should you wish to do so, we can develop a tailored treatment programme, which includes an integrated approach between medical treatments such as medication, psychological therapies, and can also incorporate nutritional approaches.  Should it be required, I can also help with the development of a risk management plan, assess your capacity in relation to managing your care and treatment, making your will or managing your finances.  I can write reports for the Court of Protection or as an Expert Witness.  I have a long track record of working closely with case managers and multidisciplinary teams, so if needed, I am more than happy to liaise with other professionals involved in your rehabilitation. 

The Phoenix Mental Health Services memory clinic has been developed for those people who have noticed changes in their memory, and might be worried about developing a dementia.  In this clinic, I will clarify the diagnosis, but more importantly, I will offer you prompt treatment, so your presentation is stabilised as soon as possible. All treatments are delivered by consultants and include a range of treatments which are not available elsewhere; you can choose from a wide variety of approaches, such as medication, r-TMS, nutritional programmes, psychological interventions and community psychiatric nursing support. 

In my r-TMS clinic I see people who require treatment for conditions such as depression, memory difficulties, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.  This clinic is particularly suited for people who wish to have an alternative to medication, are unable to tolerate taking medication or have found this is not sufficient to get them fully better. As part of this clinic, we can also review your current medication and even request genetic testing to clarify which medications would suit you best. 

The latest addition to the service provision is the Phoenix Mental Health cannabis clinic.  There I see people who have explored medication and talking therapies but have continued to experience symptoms, I mainly see people with anxiety and depression, pain disorders and neuropsychiatric conditions, who wish to optimize their treatment or wish to change from illicit cannabis to a medical form.   

If you are worried about how to see me, I see people face to face at Wooburn Green, and also offer appointments remotely, so you don’t have to worry about travelling.  On request I will also consider domiciliary visits.

For a short introduction to our clinic and to hear more about the clinics I am directly involved with, you can watch the video below.

Interesting Fact:

When I am not working, I spend time crafting with my children, or can be found at my allotment growing exotic beans and pumpkins.

Types of appointment:

Remote (Video call / Telephone) appointments

Face-to-Face appointments - on request

Home visits - on request




9am - 10am and 4pm - 5pm

9am - 10am and 4pm - 5pm

ZOOM only

ZOOM only


Hourly rate: £495