Phoenix Mental Health Services now offers the QbCheck test, which can be completed in our clinic or remotely in the comfort of your home.

QbCheck is objective test that allows us to measure the core ADHD symptoms including inattention, activity and impulsivity. It is both CE marked and FDA/TGA cleared for use as an aid in the assessment and treatment evaluation of ADHD for people aged 6 to 60 years old. This test is often used to assist psychiatrists in making a diagnosis of ADHD, or to rule out ADHD as a potential diagnosis. It is also used to measure the effectiveness of your treatment plan by completing the test once you are on a stable dose of medication.

The test involves motion tracking systems and computerized tasks that requires continuous attention and impulse control.  Your scores are compared to a sample that is the same age and gender as you and displays no ADHD-like symptoms. This allows us to understand the severity of your symptoms. 

We provide you with a comprehensive report following your test and you are able to book an appointment with one of our clinicians to discuss further. If you would like more information, you can read our FAQ’s below. If you want to register your interest in completing the QbCheck test, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for adults?

No, we offer two separate tests. One for 6-11 year olds and one for 12-60 year olds. The tests are different to cater for the different age groups, but the output is the same.

What do I need to complete this test?

This depends on whether you would like to do the test in our clinic or from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to do it at our clinic you will only be required to sign a consent form. Everything will be set up for you here and our test administrator will be present should you have any questions. Social distancing measures are in place and all the equipment will be cleaned before and after your test.

If you would like to do the test from the comfort of your home our test administrator will be in touch to let you know what you require. Most importantly, you will need a computer with a camera (or a separate webcam), a mouse and keyboard. It is important that you also make sure your environment is as quiet as possible with minimal distractions. You should also be alone unless the test is for a child and a parent would like to be present. Your test will be scheduled for a certain time and our test administrator will be available for phone support during this time.

Why do I need a webcam, will this test record me?

No. The test uses a motion tracking system that is built into the camera of the computer to track movements. The software places a grid over your face which ensures that only movements are recorded. This is essential for measuring activity and the test cannot be completed without it.

How long does this test take?

On average, no longer than 45 minutes.

Will this test tell me if I have ADHD?

No, this test is not meant to be a standalone tool for diagnosing ADHD. It can tell us, however, whether you display symptoms of ADHD and the severity of these symptoms by comparing your results to a gender and age matched sample that does not display ADHD symptoms.

Do I need the approval of a consultant to take this test?

No, you can do this test without any consultant input. However, our test administrator will ask you some questions at the enquiry stage to make sure that your concern is testing for ADHD-like symptoms. You also have the opportunity after the test, and after you have read the report, to book an appointment with one of our clinicians.

Is this only beneficial if you do not have a diagnosis of ADHD already?

No. This test is both CE marked and FDA/TGA cleared for use as an aid in the assessment and treatment evaluation of ADHD. This means that it can be used to assist psychiatrists in making a diagnosis, or to rule it out as a diagnosis, and it can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your current treatment plan.

How much is this test?

We usually offer this as part of our clinic packages, please contact us for more information.