Why ‘Go Private’

There are lots of reasons why people seek private consultations. Sometimes they think that ‘private doctors are better’, sometimes that they will get a better service. Often it is about the time one waits for an appointment. .

The first thing to say about psychiatrists and therapists who work privately is that most of them also work for the NHS.  So, it is not about getting different people.  Secondly the waiting list issue is real.  Quite often you do have to wait a long time before being seen in the NHS. 

Here are the top 10 patients benefits when going private:

Quick response to your enquiry - our clinic is committed to responding to enquiries the next working day.
Rapid initial assessment and quick access to therapy, usually within a week or 2.
Consultant led service, with a choice of consultant or therapist.
You have the choice of appointment times, either face to face appointments or via remote access.
All therapists under one roof: you will have access to an integrated service by therapists who all work together in the same practice, allowing for a seamless service across different treatment streams.
You will be offered a treatment package immediately, with no waiting times to access further therapy.
There will be a wide variety of treatment options to choose from, often not accessible in the NHS, such as r-TMS, esketamine, medicinal cannabis and  nutritional interventions;  we can even offer genetic testing to see what medication you are most likely to respond to.
There are no restrictions on the medications which can be offered to you. If medication are not available via the GP, private prescriptions can be written if medications are not yet available on the NHS.
There is no pre-determined limit on the number of appointments you can have. You will have as many as necessary, with the the consultant or therapist of your choice (in contrast to the NHS, where people are discharged quickly from services).
Most services can be covered by private medical insurance, limiting the cost to you.

If you have decided that you would like to see someone in our team privately, please contact us below.

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