Depression and Anxiety Clinic

Phoenix Mental Health Services offer a comprehensive depression and anxiety assessment and treatment package. You can be seen face to face or remotely. Our clinic:

Utilises pre-screening questionnaires to allow the Consultant Psychiatrist to get as much background information as possible before meeting you, so they can use their clinical time to get to you know you better as a person.
Will offer you a firm diagnosis if one has not already been given.
Will offer a choice of treatment modalities, including state of the art therapy/testing such as tDCS and genetic testing for medication.

Below is a flow chart summarising our approach and the main treatment modalities we offer.

Depression and Anxiety Clinic

If you are not sure if this clinic will be suitable for you, why not ring and discuss on 0370 162 0673 extension 1 or email on Alternatively, you can click here to download our short screening for an assessment  and email it back to us.

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Some of our services may be covered by private medical insurance. If you would like more information, please contact us. You can also read our ‘Private medical insuranceinformation page.