Meet the Psychiatrists

Dr Danny Allen

Consultant adult & addictions Psychiatrist

Special interests in ADHD and resistant depression

Clinical Director of Adult, Addictions and Neurodevelopment at Phoenix Mental Health Services

Dr Martine Stoffels

Consultant general adult, Old age and rehabilitation Psychiatrist

Special interest in Neuropsychiatry and rTMS

Clinical Director of ABI and Old age Psychiatry at Phoenix Mental Health Services

Dr Phil Ferreria-Lay

consultant child & adolscent psychiatrist

Special interest in anxiety, depression and self-harm

Dr Ben Lucas

Consultant forensic psychiatrist

Special interest in medically unexplained symptoms, depression and ADHD

Dr Alastair Reid

consultant adult Psychiatrist

Special interests in substance misuse and addictions

Dr Eleanor Tiangga

Consultant general adult psychiatrist

Special interest in obsessive compulsive disorder and PTSD

Dr Pavan Joshi

consultant adult Psychiatrist

Special interests in LGBTQ+ identity issues

Dr Emma Dineen

Consultant old age psychiatrist

Special interest in memory loss and dementia

Dr Vinod Singaravelu

consultant child & adolescent Psychiatrist

Special interests mood, anxiety and eating disorders

Dr Madhusree Acharya

Consultant child & adolescent psychiatrist

Special interest in eating disorders, mood and self-harm

Dr Nada Al-Asadi

consultant adult psYchiatrist

Special interests in psychosis, Schizophrenia, anxiety, mood disorders