Opioid Addictions Clinic

Our team at Phoenix Mental Health Services know all too well that an addiction to opioids can destroy lives. We also understand that the impact of such an addiction is not only on the person who has the addiction, but those that are around them.

You may have already noticed, or been told, that your addiction has negatively affected your relationship with those close to you. You may also feel like you are not able to carry out your usual responsibilities at work or at home. If you think it is time to seek help, we are here to help you.

Without treatment, it is very likely that an opioid addiction will get considerably worse as the need for these drugs will increase over time and it will become very difficult to be without them. In addition to this, the amount/dose of the drugs required will increase over time as your body becomes less responsive to its effect. This means that you will need more opioids, increasing your chances of accidentally overdosing.

It is always advised that you seek help sooner rather than later and the quicker you treat this addiction the sooner you can get your life back on track. This is where Phoenix Mental Health Services steps in!

The dedicated treatment clinic we offer will help you overcome your addiction to opioids and can provide you with the tools to help you regain control of your life. You will be assessed and reviewed by a specialist Consultant, who will work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan, and you will receive ongoing support from our Substance Misuse Nurse. We aim to find out your ideas and goals and support you reaching them with a combination of psychological and medical interventions. To see our process and the treatment options we offer, please see our flow chart.

Phoenix Mental Health - Opioids Addictions Clinic

To get started, enquire below so we can assess your suitability for this clinic.

Please note that we will ask you to complete a form asking about your opioid and other drug/alcohol use, medical and past treatment history and how you will be paying for this service. We will also request permission to contact your GP.

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