Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology

We can offer psychotherapy which also uses Energy Psychology Procedures within a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Framework.

The basis of this therapy is the patient’s current problems are seen as being maintained at the level of physical and mental energy systems by past traumatic experiences. Sometimes, just ‘talking about it’ cannot completely resolve the engrained energetic connection between past traumas and current problematic emotions and behaviours. Treatment with Energy Psychology methods can take the ’emotional charge’ out of a wide range of psychological problems by directly reducing the impact that our past experiences have on our present. It is particularly effective with PTSD and cases of traumatic childhood experiences like abuse or even non-remembered traumatic pre and post birth experiences.

Energy Psychology methods usually involve the patient touching, tapping and/or breathing into energy centres in the body, while thinking or talking about a trauma or stressful situation.

Energy Psychology (EP) utilises imaginal and narrative-generated exposure, paired with interventions that reduce hyperarousal through acupressure and related techniques. According to practitioners, this leads to treatment outcomes that are more rapid, powerful, and precise than the strategies used in other exposure based treatments such as relaxation or diaphragmatic breathing. EP is an exposure-based treatment.

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