Terms of Service

A member of our Practice Team will contact you within one working day to confirm the appointment and notify you of any additional information required prior to this appointment. Until this information is provided, please consider this appointment date and time provisional.

By submitting your details into this form:

  • You are giving us permission to contact you and to contact your GP (if appropriate) to notify them of this appointment. If requested by your Consultant, we may also contact your GP for some medical history but in most cases we will ask you first.

By booking and paying for an appointment at Phoenix Mental Health Services:

  • You agree to the costs associated with appointment and treatment options, including prescriptions fees and medication costs (if appropriate). You are able to see the costs of the service you have chosen by viewing flow chart on the dedicated clinic page. If you are not sure, please contact us.
  • You acknowledge that in some cases the fee you have paid is a deposit for a comprehensive clinic package (specifically for the Adult ADHD clinic, memory clinic, depression/anxiety clinic and cannabis clinic). If you would prefer an initial appointment only, please contact us to discuss this.
  • We assume that you will continue to self-fund any future appointments.