Important message about ADHD Medication

Supplies of Lisdexamfetamine remain patchy and, from time to time, different doses are not available. This is obviously an inconvenience for many of our patients. Lisdexamfetamine is a controlled drug which means that there are especial stringencies around its prescription. If you are currently being prescribed for by your doctor it is not permissible for one of our psychiatrists to prescribe unless you come off the Shared Care Agreement (requiring a consultation appointment and a review after starting new medication with the new medication becoming your normal prescription going forward).

Whilst we understand that this is an inconvenience, ADHD medication is not classed as a necessary medication and stopping it for a few weeks will do no harm to your body. Our staff will not be able to assist you because this is a clinical matter, governed by medical regulation. GPs may use their discretion in using lower doses of medication than you normally have if these doses happen to be available.

If higher doses of medication are available your GP might like to know that the official advice is to prescribe these and then for the patient to empty the contents into water, stir and drink the correct dose. So, if you take 50mg, and get a 70mg capsule, pour this into 70ml water, stir and drink 50ml and discard the rest. If you take 30mg and get 60mg you can leave the remainder in the fridge for the next day. Please note that the capsule contents do not completely dissolve but as long as they have been recently stirred, this is fine.